NFT YouTubers

Discover top YouTube influencers. We've gathered a sampling of the YouTubers you'll want to follow in order to stay informed about a variety of NFT topics.

Informative and entertaining NFT Channels

EllioTrades Crypto
Ellio presents an entertaining overview of the entire NFT market. He tracks where the market has been and predicts where it is going. While not the best videos for discovering newly minted NFTs, it presents an otherwise excellent macro view of the state of NFTs.

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NFT Verse
NFT Verse covers spreads a lot of NFT knowledge in digestable videos typically focused on a single topic. This style makes it easy to find the exact NFT information you are looking for. He is also a very good resource for tips on discovering new NFTs across multiple blockchains including Ethereum and Solana.

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The Bitcoin Express
While his videos feel less produced that some of the other influencer's the information if none the less valuable. He has a wide range of NFT videos to help you get started in NFTs while protecting yourself from scams, finding new NFTs and grow wealth buying and trading NFTs.

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Zueljin Gaming
Zueljin's' videos highlight specific upcoming NFT projects and as well as how to profitably buy and trade NFTs. He a down to earth approach to the NFT market and offers a viewpoint you might not find in other videos.

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Kang Academy
Kang Academy

Kang A. Roos are kangaroos torn between their desire for social good and their anger over being landlocked for their entire existence. They can often be identified by their quick tempers, or worse, irreverent behavior during cult classics. It is these Roos that must attend Kang Academy.

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