NFT Tweeters

Stay informed about upcoming NFT drops on Twitter. We've located some of the most helpful Twitter users to follow for early NFT drop alerts. While many of these are paid-promoters, like it-or-not they often have the most timely upcoming NFT Drops.

Top Twitter NFT Profiles

Adam is one of the top NFT promoters on Twitter. He often tweets NFT Giveaways and announces new NFT launches. He's covered everything from obscure NFT launches up to PancakeSwap's blue chip NFT launch.
RealMissNFT is an art,music and NFT lover. She is a contributor the NFT Plazas, a site dedicated NFT news site.
CHESSNFTs is a great feed for NFT giveaways and notifications about newly minting NFTs.
This feed features new drops and offers daily NFT giveaways.
Ben's feed is a fun exploration of his personal NFT adventures as well as the occasional NFT promotion.
Steve's feed is almost entirely promotion and give-aways but it will keep you in the know.

Today's NFT Drop

Kang Academy
Kang Academy

Kang A. Roos are kangaroos torn between their desire for social good and their anger over being landlocked for their entire existence. They can often be identified by their quick tempers, or worse, irreverent behavior during cult classics. It is these Roos that must attend Kang Academy.

Drop: Minting now
Price: 0.09 ETH
Supply: 10,000 Roos